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"Electronic Sustainability for the Whole Home"

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Exposing Your Electrical Equipment to
Harmful Surges and Spikes

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Double the Life of Your Electrical Equipment,
Dramatically Reduce Repair and Replacement Costs

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Homeowners need to consider downtime, repair and reprogramming costs in addition to the cost of the equipment which is affected or lost due to dirty power and contaminated AC lines. One electrical event causing the loss of HVAC or lighting controls, or loss of a home automation system, can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars to repair and reprogram. The TPS system works 24/7 so you can rest assured that all of the electrical and electronic equipment that you depend on will operate at peak performance for your use and enjoyment.

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Sustainability Brochure Rolling Blackouts Green & Sustainable

Proven Residential Results

"I lost two 32 LCD televisions, numerous control boards for the stove, microwave, and dishwasher, as well as pump motors for the spa and ceiling fan motors....It has been over a year since the insallation. I have not had a single electronic failure in the house over that period....TV picture is better, and I have been able to cancel my home appliances insurance policy...."

"We turned on the breaker panel feeding the TPS unit and everyone in the room could see it instantly working to clean up the power. Since I have seen this unit working with my own eyes I can say that Total Protection Solutions approached to overall power quality for the home is the only way to go." ...New Age

...all her neighbors TV's & computers were affected by a large surge. My client's very expensive computers were not affected, the only house on the street!!! I have vowed never to leave a homeowner without the option of adding surge protection." ...Finan Electric

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