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Breaker Panels & Service Entrance Disconnect

The TPS Whole House Filter will extend the life of your electronics and improve reliability. Utility power was designed for motors and incandescent bulbs and does not always guarantee clean power for electronics. Contaminated power lines degrade power supplies, circuit boards and other electronic components causing lockups, downtime and inconvenience. Cleaning up the power will improve sound and picture quality and give all electronics in your home computer grade power.

Protect All Breaker Panels - One Unit per Breaker Panel
Single phase panels 120/240 (3W+G) use:

Three phase panels 120/208 (4W+G) use:

Add"-M" suffix for optional dry relay contacts & audible alarm. (i.e. TK-TLLP-1S240-FL-M)

Protect all breaker panels from internal and externally generated transients.



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