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Total Home Surge Protection Solution

Residential Commercial Industrial
TransTrack LP


  • Protects the home and all equipment against the harmful effects of lightning strikes and internally generated electrical transients
  • Individually fused MOV's provide superior protection and continuous operation

  • Thermal disconnects protect against sustained over-voltage event

  • 200kAIC short circuit current rating allows direct bus connection without the need of an upstream over-current protection device

  • Includes pre-wired pigtail conductors to stream line installation

  • NEMA LS1 compliance - single pulse tested at nationally recognized 3rd party lab

  • Low profile design includes flush-mount plate
    for in-wall recess panel applications

  • UL 1283 Listed standard EMI/RFI filter

  • Enhanced Transient Filter (ETF)

  • Ultra Compact Footprint - makes installation

  • Lifetime Unlimited Free Replacement Warranty for original purchaser only

Whole Home Protection

Protect All Your Electronic Equipment

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